Hi, I'm Griffin.

Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio. I'm a graphic designer with a passion for print, a web designer who speaks fluent internet, and an illustrator who appreciates new and uncommon subject matter.
I love what I do.

I focus on elegance, balance, and originality. There's an old, accurate quote about designers that reads "good designers copy, great designers steal." And while there may be a lot of truth to it, I do my best to be the one who's stolen from in the end.

For a full look at my résumé, shoot me an email.


Food U is an idea for a line of Food Network™ literature that encourages kitchen-phobes to learn to cook and become independent. The book focuses on simplicity and ease of use, and it comes with a table of contents and full alphabetical glossary. Inside are 32 unique and delicious recipes that range from simple to complex and from breakfast to dessert. 83 pages.

Food U


Palindromes are pretty neat. You can read them forwards or backwards and the meaning remains the same; "race car" is a classic example. Ambigrams are similar in how they're read, one word right side up and another upside down. In this project I combined the two on 4˝ coasters and made a set of 'ambidromes' using the palindromes to inspire complimentary illustrations.

Ambidrome Coasters


Soar is a concept magazine targeting aviation fanatics. It features stories illustrating the conquest of the skies and the paths people have taken to get airborne. Each issue's back cover features a construction guide for a different paper airplane.



The Soar design also included a website. Using Wordpress and hand coded PHP, it can be updated with new content in an interface that compliments the style of the original magazine. View online.

Soar Website


Mixed drinks are delicious, but their names are often misleading. Why on earth are Navels Fuzzy? Or Marys Bloody? The list goes on, but you can see the pattern. Some of these drinks have ridiculous names that, when used out of context, sound completely bizarre. Naturally, they deserve their own poster series. 11˝×21˝ each.

Mixed Drink Posters


Shark sans is a condensed, high-contrast font derived from sharks. Using their physical characteristics as a source, each letter has a dorsal-like tapering above it and a curved flipper end toward the baseline. Letters with pronounced descenders are flourished with a split tail. The font is in lowercase, has a few punctuation marks, and features extensive built-in kerning. Download for free. (Firefox: right-click & save as.)

Shark Sans


During the summer of 2011, I traveled across the country to the internship of a lifetime. I worked in Seattle, Washington with four veteran developers on Skulls of the Shogun as their Graphics and User Interface design intern. I helped design and create the interface, refined in-game objects like characters and buildings, and had the honor of designing the game's logo. I was responsible for conceptualizing and creating interface elements for the players to use. These included buttons, menu designs, layouts, typography, and graphics across multiple platforms. The game runs on Windows 8, XBox 360, and Windows Phone 7, all of which require different user interfaces that feel related.

Skulls of the Shogun


During the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to intern with Moxie House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At this agency I worked with a small team of very talented designers to brand, advertise, and produce work promoting the city of Lancaster as a great place to live and work. My major project responsibility, however, was Destination, a 60-page magazine for the retirement community of Garden Spot Village.



At Moxie House, I created four illustrations representing the four downtown districts of Lancaster. These posters are intended to boost district pride and encourage community building.

Lancaster Posters


Adobe Edge is a program that brings the familiar animation interface of Adobe Flash to javascript. I created a site detailing the abilities of the platform and provided video links for further learning. As well as completing the website, I made sure to use Edge to animate, fade, or move objects to add fluidity to the page's navigation. A joint project with fellow KUCD student Kaitie Hartung. View online.

Edge Tutorial Site


Zeal is a concept for a luxury hotel and resort off the coast of New Zealand. It isn't on the coast because it's within a mobile, renovated aircraft carrier, completely redone to look like the landscape of the actual islands. Guests, or Zealots, of the resort would travel here to rediscover the passions of their youth by surrounding themselves with an atmosphere of adventure.



I was asked by a professor to work with a group of two other fellow designers to help rebrand the university's Communication Design department to attract potential students to the program. As a result, we developed a logo, brand guidelines, and mailer packet to send out as recruitment materials. The logo features the abbreviation for the major, CD, coupled with a speech bubble in its negative space to communicate – well – communication. A joint project with fellow KUCD students Peter Hershey and Alexa Flinn.

CD Rebranding


This poster is the mash-up of three trendy gimmicks that – through the process of design alchemy – created something awesome. Using red and cyan 3D, pop-ups, and interactive infographics, the poster details the United State's electrical generation and consumption over the last sixty years. Complete with custom 3D glasses. 18½˝× 26˝ .

Energy Poster

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